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Edd Edwards, a life-long resident of rural Northeast Georgia, has the ability to control energy with his mind. This energy allows the body’s healing mechanism, to operate at maximum efficiency. This heightened efficiency is caused by using, Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy Method, which enables our bodies to immediately begin healing at an accelerated rate and slows the aging process way down.

Edd has been aware of his higher brain function, since age 2, when he and his Grandmother began to exercise his abilities to interact with Bio-Electric Field Energy.After many years of strengthening his rare gift, he now has the ability to “do the impossible”. Edd has also been named Director of IAM WELL Center in East Memphis, TN, where he is setting up an Accredited Program which will teach students how to harness and generate Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy.

Edd has trained his autonomic nervous system to interact with the ever shifting isometric configuration, called “Resonate Energy”, which is found in all living organisms. In Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy, Edd has been proven to shift the frequencies of this energy and through Biofeedback mechanisms, he shifts them in a way that influences metabolic processes, in a positive way at the quantum level.

Dr. William Levengood and Dr. John Gedye were the first to quantitatively measure Edd’s ability to transfer energy beyond space and time. Their research of Edd’s energy began in 1995 and continued until 2003. Recently, Edd has been scientifically recorded, observed and documented as producing the highest level of this energy. Experience it first-hand and you will firmly become a believer!

Edd relies solely on Donations to fund all living and traveling expenses. Please help support him in his effort to share his knowledge of Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy Method with everyone


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