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Edd L. Edwards

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Edd L. Edwards was born and raised in Clayton, Georgia, a small town in the northeastern part of the state in beautiful Rabun County. He lives there to this day, operating a custom photo and printing studio that he inherited from his grandparents.

From his grandfather he learned professional photography and all aspects of printing studio work. He is an accomplished photographer.

His grandmother was a hands-on Christian healer, regarding her gift of healing energy as the Holy Spirit working through her. Edd was born with the gift of this same healing energy, which his grandmother recognized and encouraged in him as a child.

“When I was a toddler, my grandmother, Cona Edwards, noticed that when she clapped my hands together for a game of patty-cake, the energy created between my palms was enough to throw both of our arms well apart. That’s when she knew I had her gift, too. She was always focusing that energy on me,” Edd says, “and I think that had a lot to do with my own ability developing so early. As a kid I played with this energy every day, trying to understand just what it could do, what it must be for. By my teens I had figured out that it wasn’t ‘normal’ and that some kids were freaked out by it so I began keeping it more to myself.”

Edd played with this energy in his hands and body constantly as he was growing up. His favorite subjects in school were science and physics, and through them he searched for the scientific explanation of the energy he was experiencing. But there were no explanations to be found until 1994 when he met the distinguished physicist, Dr. William Levengood of Grass Lake, Michigan. Dr. Levengood was able to measure and quantify Edd’s energy output in his laboratory. For several years Edd worked on laboratory experiments with Dr. Levengood, as well as with Dr. John Gedye and Charles Pyler. He learned how to increase his energy output, to turn the energy output off completely, to control the switch of the polarity of the energy from positive to negative, and to affect the lab equipment from a great distance (even thousands of miles). Edd and the scientists designed and carried out countless experiments, with Edd’s measurable output of energy continually increasing. At the same time, his control of his energy was becoming more and more precise.

As Edd and the scientists worked on double-blind experiments on bio-electric fields, charged density plasma pulses, switching the polarity of the energy, and long distance manipulation of the Charge Density Pulse recorders in Dr. Levengood’s lab, they all began to notice that the people who had been in the lab while the experiments were going on had significant improvements in their own physical ailments. Edd began to realize that he shared the gift of healing with his grandmother.

At this point Edd began deliberately interacting with people who were ill or in pain, trying different kinds of pulse patterns and experimenting with patterns of energy waves until the pain or illness was relieved. He found that it made no difference if he was working with someone one on one, or with many people at once. His healing gift was effective whether he was in the same room as the receiver, or miles removed. He has found that he is able to transmit the healing energy on the phone, on the internet, over the radio – there do not seem to be any limitations.

Edd came to the attention of the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC, and he has participated in many experiments with them over the years. His output of electrical charges and light emissions has been measured over time, and all of his discharges and outputs are increasing with the passing of years.

There is no disease or situation that intimidates him, and no challenge that he is unwilling to try to meet. When he was asked if the energy in his body had ever made him afraid, he said “No, it has always made me endlessly fascinated and curious. I want to keep expanding and growing with it.”

It is humanity’s great blessing that he feels this way and continues to want only to share his gift.

Email: energyedd@eddedwards.com
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