Edd edwards saved my life

I met edd Edward’s when I was about 17 at a metaphysical center. I had excruciating leg pain and it was to the point I needed surgery. I went to his seminar and raised my hand as I was in pain. He worked on me on stage and I instantly felt better. The specific pain I had he pretty much cured. And I’ve been in touch with him since I am now 33. He truly is an amazing person and he really can help heal.

Thank you for changing my life

Samuel eakins


I met Edd a long time ago in the mountains of Rabun County. (Before he became the world traveler he is today). I was actually scared of what he was capable of at first…had NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE! Personally, Edd has made my sun poisoning disappear before my very eyes…just vanished in minutes! He has made me get over a very bad case of the flu in which I could barely speak…through a phone call!
The most amazing gift Edd ever gave me was to look at my Dad for me. We were neighbors on Lake Rabun, my Father was going up to the mountains one last time before he was going in for surgery for lung cancer. The Drs were positive his cancer was back. Edd worked on my Dad and long story short when he went for his last scan they said it was now determined to be scar tissue. The operation had been scheduled, the stress test had been done! Don’t know what Edd did but he lived for many years after.
I don’t understand it but I do know that Edd has a very powerful gift and am so happy to see him using it to help others!


Energy Tune Up

I signed up for Edd’s classes and sessions. I can feel energy running through my body during the session.
At the end of the session I have a really warm and great feeling.
Will continue his classes to learn more about energy.


Pain and stress

Tried once really liked it and would like to try it again


Energy tune up

Great to participate


I have received healings from

I have received healings from this incredibly amazing man. He is kind, compassionate and full of God’s light. The price for the rest of my life is less than $20.00.
Thank you Edd

Hervinder Hand

Pain and Stress

Thank you for all the work you have done. I have taken three energy Zoom sessions from you in the past year and have found them successful.
Life with Lyme disease can be challenging but I am grateful to have found you. Appreciate energy work which is clean, simple and clear for us.
Grateful for a little dose of laughter and smile after the sessions.
Yes, I am still High. 😄 R-U-HI.

With gratitude from Virginia.


Energy tune up and BIRE classes

I had an in person session w Edd at his studio in Clayton, Ga and have been in several zoom classes. Definitely felt the energy going through my body and being pulled and pushed. Kind of an electric feeling and the ache in my legs went away immediately.
I also felt heat and tingling in my hands and feet.

Jodi Cyr


My son has been suffering for over a year with a medical condition that leaves him in excruciating pain and at times he can not walk. His symptoms are muscle stiffness (that you can physically see and feel harden like cement), muscle spasms, pain and soreness. I thought it was a long shot by contacting Edd, but he responded to me and was eager to help my son.

On the day my son spoke to him, he was in pain and was having trouble walking. After meeting with Edd, his pain was gone and he was walking around the house. I don’t exactly understand how Edd does what he does, but he is truly amazing and I feel so very blessed to have him helping my son.


Neurological related

My son Philip is 49 yrs old and has Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome. It is very rare and he has restrictions on his mussels and ability to use his arms and legs. He’s missing an enzyme in his blood and if he had a small percentage of the enzyme he have just the gout. He was very tense and does get tight where he has a lot of cramps and pain in his extremities. After Edds visit Philip was more energized and felt so much more relaxed.
I also felt tingling in my elbow . Edd does provide much energies throughout his visit.



I didn’t know what to expect from Edd’s bio intrinsic healing but to my delight he has helped me more than any pill, physiotherapy, massage or chiropractor. I suffer from scoliosis and severe muscle strain in my shoulder and neck. My doctor told me I was possibly on my way to fibromyalgia. During my first session, as the warming energy coursed up and down my spine, I relaxed completely….more than I ever had in my life. My spine moved and twisted allowing me to breathe deeply. After the first session I was in some pain, as if my vertebrae were old wounds that opened up. After my second session, the pain was gone. I can’t say my vertebrae have aligned but I can say my pain has improved tremendously.


Appearance on Coast to Coast

I just wanted to send Edd an email with regards to his appearance on Coast to Coast on August 26/27.
As soon as Edd appeared on the program, my hands and face have been tingling the entire time he has been on the show.
I have neuropathy and it feels the same as when I am experiencing an issue.


Neurological Related

A number of years ago, I met Edd and have experienced his energy. Since working with him, my MS has not flared-up. In fact, it is improving, especially in terms of my cognition. The cog-fog has ended. His last “tune-up” helped to stop the spasms in my legs. No longer am I using a cane on a daily basis. In fact, most people can’t believe I have MS.

Susan B. Barnes

Neuropathy pathways opened

I met Ed at my school that Mary Jo was Ruggeri ran in Columbus Ohio a few years ago. He came in and did a presentation and everybody felt his energy it was wonderful I did not he came over to me I took my shoes off he specifically grabbed on to my feet a few minutes later the energy I could feel it through my body and for two years plus my neuropathy has been gone basically. I contacted Ann recently to ask him to recharge my neuropathy one more time it looks like it’s coming back a little bit of my right foot but it’s been over two years so it’s that’s awesome energy work happens if it’s real I’m a healer he’s a healer that’s what it’s all about.

Joseph Fabiano

Ed’s energy has most definitely

Ed’s energy has most definitely helped my joint and endometriosis pain. The effect would last about 2 to 4 years and I would remember the energy I felt and I would once again feel better. Thankyou for our friendship Ed.




I’ve had peripheral neuropathy for several years now, with no treatment available from my neurologist. I’ve had a good number of private sessions with you over several months. The feelings in my feet are getting stronger now….and there was a remarkable increase in effect when you resonate with Lihi! How lucky you are to have met each other…and how lucky we are as well.

I’m also fascinated with your work with Dr Levengood, Rhine Center, etc. I’m reminded of Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Louis Pasteur, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla,
…scientists who broke the mold by thinking and working outside the box. We only see a few people like this in any century. Sadly, more people will recognize the name Michael Jordan than Philo T Farnsworth or Leeuwenhoek, but their work and yours will persist through time.

Paul, MD, MS, MPH


B.I.R.E classes and Energy Tune Up


I’ve been fascinated with body energy all my life. So wonderful to discover your website and your classes. I’m making progress with your B.I.R.E. class and am listening to all of your interviews. Most of all, sessions with Lihi are magical…she adds a whole new dimension to your work!
Thank you!


Energy tune up

Your energy is amazing. I could hardly believe how much better I felt generally after the energy tune up. My legs were tight as drums with lymphedema. Immediately after the session the edema decreased measurably. The legs became soft, no longer tight. My posture literally straightened up, no longer slumped shoulders. Also I felt more positive. I had a stiff neck, limited range of motion from a fall several weeks ago and that dissipated completely after one session and cellulitis symptoms completely gone after another session. There is still room for improvement in the legs but there is a real measurable improvement in all areas. Your use of energy measurably removes physical and mental blockages that result in illnesses. It is exciting to really feel better so quickly.
Thank you


Locked in Stroke muscle relief from Edd’s Energy

A little over ten years ago I was riding in a car with friends when the basilar artery deep in my neck dissected and formed a blood clot.  It subsequently broke away and went to my brain stem causing a massive stroke.  Not just any old regular stroke but it was what you would call “locked in”.  In other words, on a somewhat limited basis I could see, smell, hear, feel and taste but was otherwise totally paralyzed.  Most of my experience in the hospital is a complete blur.  I do recall vividly that my father told me it’s all recoverable.  So, I thought, well, I had better get started.

When I first heard about Edd Edwards, I had already had some exposure to energy medicine.  Shortly after I had the stroke, I worked with a doctor on a series of syntonic sessions.  Now I admit that at first, meeting with Edd, I thought this is a bunch of hippy nonsense, but what exactly did I have to lose?  Man was I shocked.  Those sessions were beyond amazing and remain some of the best therapy I have hand, hands down, bar none.  I was forced to concede that somethings were just beyond my ability to rationally explain. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered I could work with Edd. I can’t tell you how he does what he does, but I am glad he does it.

Response to Edd Edwards energy.

These are a few things I have experienced in the two 45 minutes sessions we have worked together.  What I have experienced has not been outside the realm of usual recovery but the pace has been greatly improved.  I imagine that everyone is different so I will only speak for myself.

These are the things I felt through our cell phone connections during my sessions with Edd Edwards.  First, my muscles greatly relax.  This is fantastic because due to my stroke my muscles stay contracted and very stiff.  Second, my reaction time and all of my physical therapies have gotten quicker and more controlled.  Finally, my tongue and swallowing have vastly improved which has made eating and speech therapy much better.  I’m sure I would have realized these gains at some point.  Since I have worked with Edd, the speed with which they have come has been remarkable.I think that by continuing to work with Edd in conjunction with my current doctor and therapy schedule I should be able to accomplish some amazing things.




Class and phone sessions

I’ve been dealing with ALS for 12 years now, and found out about Edd Edwards on the episode of ancient aliens. The energy I feel while listening to him talk in the class is surprising. The phone sessions are pretty amazing too.


Neurological related

I went to one of Edd’s classes early last year (2019) & he mentioned that he had recently been experimenting on neuropathic leg pain in diabetics, I immediately raised my hand in hopes he would help me (and of course he did!) After Ed did some energy work on both my legs, I have not had any shooting or “pins & needles” type of pain in my legs or feet since. I will be forever grateful for his energy healing & continued expansion of this work. You ROCK Edd!


Some would say miraculous recovery

I was in the last stages of post polio neuropathy. I finally got to see a polio specialist. She asked me to move my foot forward from a sitting position. I could not make it budge. I had X rays done to get accurate assesment of the difference in my legs. I was then given a Rx for a full leg brace. I called Edd a few days later and after he finished working on me remotely I could move my foot 12 inches from the sitting position. In a short time I comp;etly recovered my natural (for me) gait.

On another occasion I brought a friend to a session with Edd after she had lost feeling in one leg as a result of back surgery. With just that one session she regained feeling.
I always like to express my gratitude for meeting Edd and for what he has done for me. It is three years later and I am walking fine with out assistance. At 72 I am a very rare if unique case of someone with significant atrophy and nerve damage who is still without a leg brace. THANKS YOU EDD

I saw Edd almost a month later and he did a hands on session. I was able to move my for

Frank Kane