Welcome new parents of your future “Awakened Children”.
Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy™
In order for you to understand the gifts I will be sharing with all of you, you need to understand what all I have come to be utilizing all my abilities since birth.
My grandmother who cultivated my gifts in me as a child was a hands-on Christian healer based on the Cherokee legacy. She played with this energy and used it on me daily as a child as I was a problem birth. As I grew and entered school and church activities and they started trying to convince me I was playing with the devil and to stop, grandma convinced me it was real and so the system did not break it in me like they did all the other kids.
I grew up as a very mischievous kid with super powers that I self-taught myself how to use. I will tell you about some of that in future threads.
For now, you need to learn about what I have become and if you choose to let your kids be part of this, please understand they will be doing grander things than I by the time they reach adulthood. I will be able to shorten their learning curbs by decades with just a few pointers as we go.
Over the last 29 years I have been under study for my phenomenal abilities, so for the next few posts I make in here they will be about what I have become and the research that got me here.
Please listen to this clip below and you will get a good sense of who I am and what all I have to share with your kids.

I have created a special Zoom room called “BIRE Kids Clubhouse” where at select times I will open it and play with this energy with the kids and parents worldwide to get it back into as many kids as possible.