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I am not a Healer, You are Your Healer what I can do is super charge your batteries and blow the soot out of your operating system so that You will Heal. 

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As a young boy, Edd played with energy between his hands and throughout his body. With a passion for science and physics, Edd searched for the scientific explanation of the energy he was experiencing. In 1994 he met the distinguished physicist, Dr. William Levengood of Grass Lake, Michigan. Dr. Levengood was able to measure and quantify Edd’s energy output in his laboratory. Along with his work with Dr. Levengood, Edd took part in laboratory experiments with Dr. John Gedye and Charles Pyler. Through their measurement and assistance, he learned how to increase his energy output, to turn the energy output off completely, to control the switch of the polarity of the energy from positive to negative, and to affect the lab equipment from a great distance (even thousands of miles). Edd and the scientists designed and carried out countless experiments with Edd’s measurable output of energy continually increasing with precision. Today, Edd teaches others about this energy work and travels across the country offering his help to those in need.

Dr. W. C. Levengood, Biophysics Research, has determined that  Edd trained his autonomic nervous system to interact with the ever shifting isomeric configurations, called “resonant energy”, that are ubiquitous in all living organisms. By attuning this resonant energy with a patient, he then shifts the frequencies of their energy in a way that gives maximum benefit for healing. Through biofeedback mechanisms, he senses the changes in isomeric configurations and is able to shift them in a way that influences metabolic processes in a positive way, at the quantum level, and it creates , in most cases, tingling , heat and an awareness of energy flowing through the recipient’s body or bodies. Dr. Levengood published his fist peer reviewed paper about this energy with Edd’s help in his lab , which is called , Evidence for Charged Density Pulses Associated with bio-electric fields in Living Organisms.

Come learn about all the amazing ways of being able to use our higher brain functions, that Edd has been developing all his life. Learn what the scientist have learned, so far in 24 years worth of clinical studies, that have been conducted on his special abilities, about how his brain is operating, as it is functioning at over 94% and allowing him to use it, to help people, that are dealing with pains and stresses. By using his brain to reset and activate the healing mechanisms, with the energy that he has learned to be able to control.


Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy

Edd Edwards is a leader in the field of Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy. As the catalyst for instantaneous healing and energy movement, Edd desires to help others heal themselves.

-Learn how top scientists have validated and measured his ability to manipulate energy.

-Learn Edd’s techniques on how you can work with energy.

Dr Ross Dunseath wiring up my brain mapping cap in the DOPS Lab.




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Dr. W.C. Levengood and Dr. John Gedye of Pinelandia Bio-Physical Laboratory in Grass Lake Mi. conducted research on me from 1994 to 2005 for my abilities to create measurable electrical energy with my higher brain functions that I now use to relieve all kinds of pains in people I apply it to in local and non-local events. The video below is from my first visit to be measured in his lab. The video is from the fall of 1994.

This next video is from 1996 in his Levengood’s Lab with me and my brother who has this energy to a small degree, but he does not have control of it like I do. When we were kids growing up, he sung to much Jesus Loves me songs in church, but I was always practicing making them southern Baptist fart during silent prayer while reversing the polarity of the electrical current I could radiate through the church from my brain. Practicing that and several other mischievous things as I grew up caused my brain to wire up differently than the other kids.


Levengood and Gedye then published 2 different peer reviewed papers after studying me for several years.




In 2008 through The Society of Scientific Exploration I was introduced to Dr. Steve Bauman and Dr. Bill Joines of the Rhine Research Center on Duke Campus in Durham NC. and now with the director of the
Rhine Research Center, John Kruth who continues the studies on me where in the Bio-Energy Emissions / Bio-Photon Light Lab where they detect light emissions my body’s system produce when I activate my higher brain functions as I would to do my form of energy healing. This next video is from 2014.



This next video was in 2016 that had me and Graham an older member of the Rhine in the Bio-Photon Emissions lab at the Rhine. We made this video to document the phenomena that Graham experienced while we were in the light lab at same time. My energy caused his body to glow enough he could see the outline of his hands.



After the Rhine had conducted many lab research projects with me from 2008 till 2014, they wanted to know what my brain is doing to be able to create this energy they were recording. They got me introduced to Dr. Ross Dunseath and Dr. Edward Kelly of the Division of Perceptual studies at the University of Virginia in 2015. There they wired me up with a 128-channel advanced EEG monitoring system and placed me inside their faraday cage to watch me turn my brain on and off thousands of times in their (PK) Psychokinesis research of me over 1.5-year pilot study.

From the collected data they were astonished to find that when I turn my brain on as I do to do energy healing and other stuff that it resonates at all frequencies from Alpha to Theta simultaneously. The 8.5-minute video below is Dr. Dunseath wiring up my brain mapping cap that normally takes 1.5 hours to do that I speeded up to 8 minutes and stripped the audio track and replaced it with an interview he was on where he went public with what they learned my brain is doing. 

In the same lab we were just playing around with instruments he was using for other projects, but I electrified it to with the same electrical current that I send into people’s feet that have neuropathy or nervous system problems where it brings great peace.



Hear is that same electrical current going into the fingers of a lady that had toxic brain stroke where her hands and fingers were paralyzed. Watch her fingers respond.


From the studies Dr. Dunseath was doing with me we continued to The Monroe Institute’s Copper Wall Array Lab to study the electrical fields around my body when I activate this energy.


I have been a guest on several major programs with many more coming where during the shows I give live and recorded demonstrations to all the listening audiences, both live and recorded have the same effects on the audience. I get all the people to stand up and within a few seconds the force I create will push and pull them out of balance all over the world at the same time and cause them to warm up and tingle in under two minutes. If any are in pain of any kind my energy causes their healing systems to activate and bring near total relief in a few minutes of exposure to me through the audio of the program.



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